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Sep. & Oct. Topics!

Find out how to submit your writing here!  🙂

LONG TOPICS: due November 1
2 or more pages of writing – in the forms of prose or personal reflections.

1. [Who am I?]    

                         eg) What does it mean to be me? How does it feel to be Korean-American? SISer?

2. [What do you feel when you think, “college?]              

                                  eg) Partay? Freedom? ARGGHH?!


SHORT TOPICS: due October 13
About one page – in prose or other media: lyrics, photos, art, poetry, story, reflections.

1. [First impressions?]

                       eg) New students? New school?     

2. [What do I see on the horizons of this year?]

                                 eg) Junior year is overrated?  Sophomores are sophomoric?

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Instructions for Submissions

In order to submit your manuscript piece, please follow these easy 1-2-3 steps:

  1. Include the word count at the end of your piece.
  2. Attach the piece to send litmag0809[at]gmail[dot]com an email.
  3. Format your email topic like this –
    Submitter’s name (grade if student): Name of piece [topic name for the month/week]

NOTE: All submitters should write their names on their pieces; however, if some would prefer to remain anonymous in the actual publication, please indicate this request in your email.

If for some reason you cannot email the manuscript to the Lit Mag 08-09 email, please feel free to submit it personally to a copy editor (list displayed on the right side bar).

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